5 hiring trends to expect for the second half of 2023

There’s been a real shift in the housebuilding and property market over the last few weeks. Companies that have been dormant at the beginning of the year are starting to stir, and the promise of a busy second half of the year feels imminent. As we get ready for what’s about to happen next, we thought we’d take a look at tdm’s predictions for what to expect when it comes to hiring trends for the rest of 2023:

  1. Creating inclusive working environments

Whether it’s providing quiet zones for workers or modelling inclusive language, there is no excuse to not be implementing inclusive systems and places for your employees. It’s not just about celebrating individual differences (although that helps) but supporting how individuals work in order for the best results for everyone, including the business. We expect to see more companies to become more vocal on how they are inclusive.

  1. A push for pay transparency

While the year is 2023, the conversation around closing the gender pay gap is still on the table. Fortunately, more companies are recognizing that pay transparency is not just a benefit for the job seeker but helps push internal promotion and development for everyone in the business. At tdm, we advocate for salaries to be transparent and push for companies to say away from the dreaded c-word – ‘competitive’.

  1. The importance of fringe benefits

We spoke before about bigger businesses scrapping their fringe benefits and in response, it’s helped smaller companies win new employees. That’s because one of the big working lessons from the last few years has been that while money counts, other benefits such as extra holiday allowance, enhanced pensions, gym or wellbeing memberships are viewed as an integral component in job seekers’ decision-making. Taking away such benefits may be a risk not worth taking, especially in such a competitive market.

  1. Culture expectations – a generational divide

Bridging the gap between employees is going to be integral to establishing collaborative work cultures. Hiring and HR Managers will be looking at what attracts talented professionals from Gen X to Gen Z and if the media will have anything to say about it, there’s a big difference when it comes to understanding how each one prefers to work. When it comes to hiring, showcasing the company culture is key to showing individuals how they can fit in and make their mark.

  1. Utilizing current employees’ personal brands for hiring

Lastly, as we have mentioned in previous blogs, attracting talent on social media platforms is becoming a big part of the hiring process. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that we expect to see hiring teams utilizing current employees’ social pages to share new job announcements. Our tips for job seekers in 2023 are to make sure you are following company pages and getting connected with their employees to ensure you see the news first.

If you’re on the lookout for an exciting new role with a company whose values match your own – then look at our current jobs page as we work with loads of fantastic, value-driven organisations.