5 ways to keep remote teams connected

With remote or hybrid working here to stay, businesses need to find new ways to ensure employees feel and stay connected. This isn’t always easy to do, but below we’ve listed 5 easy ways to stay connected.

  • Keep digital channels open for communication
    The lines of communication need to stay open for employees to be able to exchange ideas, answer team queries and more generally stay connected to one another throughout the working day. Whether this be done through apps such as Slack or Teams, businesses will need to provide guidelines as to how these channels should be properly used and ensure the channels amplify an employees work load rather than add strain.
  • Don’t overdo meetings but do have regular touch-points
    There’s a lot of chat at present about scrapping meetings altogether. While we agree that having meetings for meetings-sake is not a great idea, we do recommend having a staple meeting time/day for you team to be able to share what they’re working on, raise questions and keep up-to-date with one another.
  • Lean into the remoteness and let employees work flexibly
    There’s no point operating remotely if you then enforce rules that go against the flexibility of working remote. By having regular touch-points in your week and easy-to-use digital communication channels, then work can be measured on output and not hours chained to the desk. If you’re going to lean into remote working, make sure you follow through and trust your employees to demonstrate how flexible working is good for the business.
  • Plan team events for the year
    Similarly to having regular meetings, we encourage you to have diarized in-person events scattered throughout the year. Depending on how far away your employees may work, providing enough notice in a central location will enable employees to look forward to celebrating work achievements with one another. It will also help break up the repetition of always working remotely and help provide bonding activities for the team as a whole.
  • Celebrate the small wins
    When working remotely it’s easy to forget to celebrate the small wins that are often acknowledged in the office. To combat this, right from the get-go you will need to demonstrate how you celebrate small achievements. You can do this through weekly MVP votes, running light-hearted competitions, sharing winning work that colleagues have done and sharing every win for the company on the digital communication app.

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