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We believe in creating a culture where free-thinking, high-achieving, honest, inclusive, and amiable people can strive to be the best versions of themselves. To help our employees be both happy and successful, we provide a flexible work environment with benefits ranging from half days on Fridays, birthdays off, wellbeing days, extra annual leave and the opportunity to be coached by a Great British Olympic Athlete. By doing our best, we create a space for our team to do theirs.

our values:

  • be honest
  • be selfless
  • be success-driven
  • be curious
  • be brave

effort and results over hours and facetime

Our flexible working policy is built upon explicit trust. We trust you to always do what’s best for the company and for yourself. That means we don’t enforce contracted hours but provide you with the autonomy to choose when you want to work. So, if writing a mailshot masterpiece at midnight is more your thing or if you’re a 6am starter, we don’t mind as long as the end result remains successful.

In terms of working location, we also offer a flexible and hybrid approach dependent on experience. For new starters, we ask that you start by working a minimum of 2 days in our Canterbury office for the first 6 months.

With semipro rugby athletes, parents and creatives working for us, we understand first-hand how important it is to be able to balance your career with your ambitions and be successful at both. Our aim is to create a workplace that benefits everyone, which is why we don’t have steadfast rules about working hours and working locations. As a company, we’re still learning but we like to think that by trusting people from the get-go, we’re on the right track. 

tdm work benefits  

We believe in rewarding our team members and recognising their successes. We also believe in creating a work environment that enables you to feel supported and want to do your best.  See just some of our many benefits below: 

  • Flexible working environment 
  • Flexible work hours 
  • Work half-days on Fridays
  • Have your birthdays off 
  • Earn monthly bonuses
  • Get free eye tests 
  • Get mobile phone monthly usage reimbursements 
  • Get free monthly meals (and a drink or two) at our team catch-ups 
  • Meet regularly with a GB Olympic Athlete for career and wellbeing guidance
  • Gain 3 wellbeing days every quarter for those days when you need some time out 
  • Gain an extra day’s annual leave allowance each year up to 28 days, starting at 25 basic annual leave
  • If that wasn’t enough, we are always adding more benefits determined by what our team values or needs to succeed!

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