apply even if you only match half the requirements – cry from Hiring Managers 

Four in five employers, surveyed globally by Manpower Group, stressed that they are struggling to find the talent they need in 2023. The research also found that finding the right candidate was five times more difficult now than it was in 2015. While this may be nuanced for particular industries, within property and housebuilding the demand for skilled employees is similar to the pressure of last year. With the power balance between client and candidate becoming more evenly matched in 2023, negotiations are still very much part of the playbook for those who can demonstrate their worth.

The perceived myth is that only candidates who match close to 100% of the job’s requirements will be picked for interviews. While, in today’s market, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead, we have found through our work as a property recruitment agency that Hiring Managers prefer candidates who do not fully match the requirements so that they have room to learn, develop, and not get bored with the job within a year. In a 2018 survey by TalentWorks, they found that candidates with a 50% or above requirements match make you just as likely to get an interview as the person with a 90%+ match.

The conclusion then is don’t be put off by the job description requirements. From the hiring managers we work with, the consensus is that candidates who have the skillsets and temperament to learn on the job and develop into the role are just as valuable as those who match all the requirements. In fact, they are sometimes more preferable as they are least likely to get bored and move on. So, next time you see a job advert you like the look of – why not press the apply button.

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