Are job boards dying now social media adverts are taking over?

Job boards, only a couple of years ago used to be the place to go when looking for a new career opportunity. You could upload your CV and be inundated with recruiters interested in putting you in for this and that role. But, in recent years job boards have been lagging behind the impressive presence of social media platforms, particularly LinkedIn.

There are several reasons why social media is winning the race when it comes to the hiring process. Namely due to the fact that social media is already individualized, meaning instead of searching for jobs, jobs are finding potential candidates. Whereas on a job board, you need to think about specific job titles and locations, social media showcases the nuances of certain roles as well as better shows remote opportunities as well.

On LinkedIn, 52 million people are actively looking for a new role every week. With a designated job search page, as well as an inbuilt recruitment system for third parties to use, LinkedIn is all about connecting professionals with each other and with career opportunities. Companies quickly realized that they can advertise roles on the site through the job board as well as on their company pages and their current employees, providing a comprehensive strategy when it comes to hiring new talent.

However, both job seekers and recruiters need to remember that not everyone is on social media (yet) and the algorithm isn’t a fail-safe method to ensure you’re seeing what’s relevant right now. The best case of action when looking for a new role is to increase all the options available to you  – or alternatively use a recruiter to do it all for you!

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