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When it comes to benefits, we’re often guilty of only looking at them when we need them and then getting disappointed when we realise the company doesn’t offer what we want or need! Back in 2016, Glassdoor found that  only 57% of people reported perks and benefits as amongst their priorities when considering a job offer. Fast-forward to now, and research by BHN found that 65% of employees noted benefits as part of the solution to help them navigate the cost of living crisis. As the UK continues to face a crises, that is affecting people’s mental health, wellbeing and renumeration, it is clear to see why benefits should no longer be a shabby companion guide to the salaries on offer but a key part of negotiations when looking for a new role.

We hope this guide, which provides a comprehensive list of the various benefits companies could offer alongside the latest statistics on the topic, is a helpful resource for employees and employers alike. We encourage you to use this guide as an accompaniment to our annual salary guides of which you can find our most recent salary guide here.