TDM Academy – Week Five – Louise

Well, things have certainly been all go here! Working backwards from the end of the week, we are finishing up with the trainee hub breaking up and splitting off into their own directions.

For me it’s a bittersweet moment – I have lost my chicks! It’s great to see everyone move off to sit with their own teams and they’ve all been so excited to move across and really get their teeth stuck in, it’s rewarding to see. As everyone becomes more confident and capable in their abilities and using their initiative in their roles, they are swiftly flying my training nest!

Serena, Amy, Rob and Megan are all now getting to grips with their teams. For Megan and Rob its Commercial, for Amy it’s Construction and for Serena it’s New Homes Sales and Marketing. Not only do they have to now put into practise what they’ve learnt, but they have to pick up on the way that their team interact and how they come together. Serena had a particularly rewarding week in that she able to benefit from the Sales and Marketing team being allowed to go home on a half day on Friday as a weekly incentive reward for which team gets the most interviews. As Serena contributed to this, off she went lunchtime Friday! There are no restrictions in place on trainees when they start with us, as soon as they are a part of their team, they rise and fall with their team, through the highs and the lows, ensuring they really do feel a part of the inner workings of the team.

When we started out in May to hire into this particular Talent Academy, Tom, I and the seniors within the business each had an idea of who would end up in which team, and we can hold our hands up here and admit that each trainee has ended up in a team that we would not have foreseen, purely due to the way they have reacted to certain tasks and the preferences that they have had. It’s clear to see where their strengths and interests lie and who are we to stand in their way. Surely one of the keys to success is enjoyment!

This is also the week that interviews have really started to come through in thick and fast demand for the candidates that the trainee team have resourced for their individual teams. Having this confidence boost for each and every single trainee is key, as they can start to see the rewards from the hard work and effort they are putting in, and in a similar vein, how the smaller tasks they carry out in the first instance all come together to build the bigger picture. As these interviews move towards the placement stage, this is when the trainees will really be able to draw correlation between tasks and the monetary value of what they do. Now is where the real learning to become a recruiter comes into play as they piece the puzzle together themselves. It’s refreshing to hear them answering the phones with such confidence and initiative to open discussions with candidates.

That’s not to say that the intense training is over by any means. The next couple of weeks will include settling into their own teams, learning the way that they all interact with each other (including all of the in-jokes and starting to join in with them!), seeing their candidates through the interview stage, and then starting the process all over again, working on new jobs and resourcing fresh candidates from a variety of sources. Alongside this we will be starting to introduce business development into the mix, learning the sources of where jobs come from and how new business is sourced, because business development in itself can be quite scary and there is a definite skill to it!

On an administrative basis, this week has been heavily focused upon planning the next phase of the academy, “Academy round 2”, and how our current academy will influence the next academy when we get up and running in September. Already there are things that we are looking forward to implementing and changing around to suit the teams a little better, and we are now considering who are next cohort of mentors will be.

Watch out for next weeks blog, wherein we’ve got an update from each of our trainees at the end of their sixth week. Halfway already, can you believe it! (We can’t! Time flies when you’re having fun…)