TDM Academy – Week Three – Louise

Well, things have certainly been all a go here since we last checked in! Now at the end of Week Three, and quite really at the end of the intensive first training period, our trainees are now ready to move into their own teams. Well – not “physically” move just yet! They will stay seated in their training pods for the next 3-4 weeks whilst we ensure they’re comfortable with their team and the way in which their teams work before they fully move across to sit with them. But mentally – they’re there!

Let’s face it, our trainees have performed amazingly well so far. They have come on leaps and bounds and excelled at every task they’ve been given. Yes, we’ve had the odd hiccup and tears, but isn’t that standard in recruitment? I think for my first year in my first “proper” recruitment job, I cried pretty much every single one to one. Doesn’t mean I hated it, just meant that I was passionate and cared! In the end I could talk through my tears and pretend they weren’t happening, so don’t see them as such a big deal now!

Everyone in the office is commenting on how well the academy is going, how engaged the trainees are and how keen and willing they are to learn. It’s so vital at this early stage to be a sponge; to take in each and every piece of information that’s thrown their way.

This week, senior management have been pondering a very big question, which decides the futures of our trainees, namely “what team will each trainee go into? Which sector within the construction and residential property industry do they suit the most?”. This can be a really difficult question, insofar that each trainee has their own personality, skillset and qualities, and each person will typically suit a particular market due to their manner and skillset. It’s not as simple as a trainee generalist recruiter coming in to work in a high-street recruiter and taking on a geographical patch, working whatever roles come in. This is specialist headhunting, where employees have to be meticulously matched to their sector, to play to their strengths.

So, here we have it. At the end of our third week, each trainee has been assigned their future team, with a lot of input from themselves as well as ours. They’ve had time to source out each of our silo teams, working in partnership with each team as a group, shadowing them and developing an understanding and insight into their day to day. One of our trainees is heading off to join the Construction team, a market that she has a real buoyance, passion and understanding of, and a team in which we think she will completely tear it up and perform phenomenally. Another of our trainees is off to join the Commercial team. Sitting in silo with the Construction team, this trainee is a little more analytical and we think will suit the characteristics needed for effectively liaising with the surveying and cost consultancy market.

Our third trainee is heading off to set up camp in the Technical and Design team, under the resilient and determined head of Darren Butland. Technical and Design can be a real waiting game in terms of recruitment pace, and the true tenacity and perseverance of this particular lady is her selling point, which we hope will entail her developing a true feel and adeptness for the Technical and Design sector. Our final trainee is already flying under the wings of the sales team. Her resourceful nature will set her up for success here. She is confident when speaking with new people, and has a tone in her deliverance that ensures trust and integrity in what she says she will do. This week she has displayed a true apt for bouncing back when things get tough, and in a fast moving sector such as sales, she will need this bounceback attitude to keep going when there are a million and one demands on her plate. Here at TDM we are super excited to see what happens next and where this takes us! I for one can’t wait until they start setting up interviews and feeling the real buzz and excitement of success in recruitment.

So, as a team, what have we learnt so far?

This week has been a real learning curve with recruitment. Training people and being involved in their day to day development is so important. It’s all about building people up, bringing out the best in them and believing that they can succeed at what they put their minds to. It’s all about attitude and effort over capabilities and knowledge at this stage. The thing is, having someone that you’re comfortable reporting into makes the world of difference.

It’s about constructive reflection too, and consistently asking people, “Okay, what works here? What can we improve on here?” and gaining feedback left, right and centre, not just from the senior team and the trainee team, but also from the middle ground, the consultants that recruit day in, day out, and can compare the academy to previous academies they’ve witnessed. Everyone has a valid input and it’s great to find out the things that they think we can improve on and take forwards into the next academies that we run. Personally I can’t quite believe that we’re at the end of the three week period already, it feels like we’ve learnt and gone through a lot so far, so roll on the next three weeks and whatever that may entail!