TDM Academy – Week Two – Amy Williams

Being a business graduate, I never planned on coming into recruitment, in fact I never had a career plan at all. I had previously gone into interviews with a blasé attitude towards the job that I applied for and left feeling the same. If I got the job or not I was not to fussed. Right from the initial contact with TDM Louise’s explanation of the role and the company made me feel interested in the business. In all honesty I never considered a career in recruitment until the first stage interview with TDM.

Coming from a position in retail management and sitting in a room with an eclectic mixture of potential competition I was thinking to myself, if I get a call back I will be lucky! When Louise called I was so shocked to get the job I couldn’t speak, I have gone from not knowing how recruitment worked in business terms to starting the training academy.

The first week was an induction on recruitment, the industry and calling clients and candidate. The industry and what TDM specialises in was a lot to take in, coming in fresh with no prior knowledge. Picking up the phone and not knowing what to expect with no experience was the hardest part of the week. It so daunting to come from an industry where you only pick the ringing telephone up, to calling a stranger’s phone hoping they will pick up. You have no idea who will pick up or the response you will get.

Specialising in the new homes industry, having not even bought my first home, I have been confused on terminology and even job titles. Being new I’ve just smiled and agreed but, in my head, I am thinking I have no idea. We are getting reassured every step of the way that things will just click into place and we will get there. The amount of information being given to us, I really hope that’s true. The support we have received from Louise, the sales and marketing team and design and technical has really helped build my tenacity. I feel more at ease and no question I have asked hasn’t been too stupid … YET! But I still have a long time for that to change.

Since I started here, my perception of ‘an office job’ has changed. I thought you would need to be in a suit, purely business talk and a healthy lunch. I wore jeans on my second day, got to know everyone by going to the pub after work. When walking into TDM’s office, the office is filled with laughter, hard work and dedication. I arrived 20 minutes early to create a good impression on my first day, thinking no one would be here, most of the team was at their desk working. I get up to leave at home time and I feel like I am leaving early as people are still hard at work. The effort everyone at TDM goes to, even down to training their likes of myself is commendable.

In truth, from my interview and even my first day, I had a preconceived perception of what my new role as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant role would be like. My perception of recruitment has changed. I learnt you will need to handle rejection, quickly. Then pick the phone up and dial out again hoping it goes better than the previous conversation. I learnt a lot about myself on the first week; I always thought of myself as a confident, bubbly person who could talk to anyone. Having been given a script and background knowledge of what to say on the telephone I found myself stuttering. I never stutter or forget my words – I learnt this job is going to test me. I am looking forward to the rewards this job has to offer also, I am already benefitting from the experience and training I am receiving in the training academy.

Starting week 2, I woke up feeling excited and ready to learn more. The feeling of being excited for work is new for me and I really feel like I have found a job that will make that feeling continue. Me and the 3 new trainees all get to work about the same time, leave the same time and go on lunch together. I feel like I am part of a team and not the odd one out, starting in an open plan office. The other 3 trainees have really helped my confidence, I am so grateful for them being around me when I do not understand or haven’t encountered something, and I need help. Previously I have always been in a role where when I started I was the only ‘new’ one, this is the first time starting with others and it is an experience I would say has benefitted my learning and development.

I understand that training us will be difficult, costly and time consuming for the company, on the first day Tom Morris stated that we will inevitably do something that will cost the company money, but its all part of learning and we want you to make mistakes, so you learn. This brutal honesty that everyone in the office has echoed has made the new environment and career change a less daunting experience for myself. I am now excited for tomorrow, next week and next month! That’s because out of everything I have learnt in the last 2 weeks about the recruitment industry, the new homes industry and the construction industry. I have learnt that this job will push me and challenge me. It is what I have been looking for.