TDM Academy – Week Two – Megan Smith

Curious to know how my first two weeks at TDM have been? Well, the first week was fairly difficult.

By the end of my first week, I thought I was on the verge of a breakdown. I went out for a few drinks with the works people on Friday which made me feel slightly better. But following on from there, I also went home, drunk a few more cans of cider, and bitched to my boyfriend, mum, dad, brother, anyone who would basically listen to me, about whether or not I was right for this role. As it turns out, recruitment is not the easiest role to take on. By the end of the weekend though, I was feeling 100 times more positive about it all.

‘But how?!’ You may be wondering. At some point during the day, I decided I had enough of whining, and told myself that I can bloody do it! First weeks are never easy no matter where you go, you feel like a fish out of water MASSIVELY, so it’s really not a big deal, because by week 2, I was feeling so much more settled.

Recruitment itself, as mentioned just now, is pretty difficult, it’s fairly stressful. I came into this, thinking I was going to make peace on earth and start fucking the recruitment game up straight away. However, it in fact takes a lot of time, effort and patience before you can start doing that. Patience is a key word here, because without it, frustration only follows. Luckily for me, I’ve had amazing support by my trainer Louise, my mentor, and basically just everyone in the office has been so nice in reassuring me, that it’s all good, everything’s fine, and I will get there.

Having spent time with a few people and teams in the office and getting to know exactly what it is that they do, a few lessons have been taken away with me. I have learnt that sales negotiators/directors, are always looking for a job, so it didn’t take much to get them interested in sending over a cv, or them agreeing to us giving them another call detailing some jobs that we have available. Not only this, but it involves many calls to be made, as it’s extremely fast paced. However, Architectural design, everyone seems so comfortable in their job roles. It’s difficult to get them listening to you about a job we have to offer them, it involves much rejection and people potentially hanging up on you. In fact, I’m sure some of them probably feel like telling you to fuck off. Main lesson here? Don’t be deterred, just keep calling and calling, you will eventually come across someone who doesn’t want to tell you to fuck off, plus, the worst-case scenario is, you can always hang up the phone, which happened quite a few times during my first week. It’s a mixed bag, but as soon as you find that right person, it feels amazing but relieving all at the same time, because you actually got somewhere!

TDM as a company haven’t just opened my eyes to the world of recruitment, in just 2 weeks, they have also opened my mind as to how a decent company should be ran, it’s fun, I can wear what I want, there’s radio in the background, it basically runs rings around my old place of work. (I used to have to wear a scarf, I looked like I was an air hostess rather than working as customer service). As well as this, I, as well as the rest of the people I’m training with, get loads of support, in the form of our mentors. If you can’t already tell by now, I’m a pretty expressive person, so having a mentor makes me feel comfortable to express any issues or thoughts I’m having, it may have only been 2 weeks, but the first few weeks, I feel, are crucial for being honest and expressing to them, importantly anything you may be struggling with. It’s like being in Bambi’s body when he first goes onto the ice and can’t quite find his legs. I’m Bambi, and my mentor is Thumper, helping me.

In a nutshell, my first two weeks at TDM have been a bit of a split, my first week feeling like I was a deer caught in headlights, the second me feeling slightly more settled. I don’t feel scared to walk passed the whole office anymore, progress has been made, hoorah! I’m looking forward to seeing where the next 8 weeks of training take me, there’s always room for improvement, so hopefully I’ll look back on my first two weeks with a very different perspective on things…