TDM Academy – Week Two – Serena Trebilco

It’s my second week at the TDM Academy and let’s just say I’m learning a lot! Recruitment is so much more than I thought it would be, and even though I’ve only just started, I can honestly say it’s actually better than I thought it would be too. I guess you could say I didn’t know much about recruitment before I joined TDM!

I was full of both nerves and excitement when I walked in on my first day, I really didn’t know what to expect. As I haven’t previously worked in an office, it’s definitely different from what I’m used to, having been working in retail for the past three years. The office environment felt completely alien to me at first, this is so different to working on a shop floor but I have to say I don’t miss having aching feet at the end of a long day! First day nerves were quickly forgotten though when we were asked to create a mood board for our future aspirations. Putting those down on paper was an interesting process, giving me something to aim for right from the get go. It gave me a chance to really think about what I am aiming for. Mine may have involved a fancy car and a swimming pool – I thought it best to look ambitious! Meeting everyone in the office was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I was worried I would end up all tongue-tied and embarrass myself (so far that hasn’t happened yet) but everyone has been really welcoming. I’m loving the ‘can do’ attitude that everyone has and there’s no such thing as a stupid question which has come in useful! I was also assigned a mentor has really helped me feel more settled too, knowing I can email them or have a quick chat if I’m feeling unsure about anything. I guess it’s just reassuring to have that back up if things start feeling super tough!

So, the first week of the Academy was mostly getting to grips with what recruitment is and learning about the New Homes industry as a whole. Louise is running the Academy, and she has been incredibly thorough in preparing for our training. I have everything to hand if I need to refer back to anything we’ve learnt and of course, this has been great in helping me understand more about the industry. Each week we’re learning about a different team and last week we were focussing on Sales and Marketing. We started off by shadowing the team, listening in on phone calls and generally seeing what they do on a daily basis and using LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. I was able to chat with some of the team and get to them a bit better, which really helped me start to feel more comfortable around my new colleagues.

Next up, we were thrown in the deep end and tasked with making a tonne of phone calls. This is probably what I was most scared of going into the week but with making so many phone calls even in those first few days, that feeling really didn’t last long! Getting stuck in with making the calls was the best thing for me, I very quickly found myself gaining confidence on the phone (still no sign of getting tongue-tied!) and I’m really getting used to that part of recruitment. I’m still surprised at how different it is dealing with people on the phone compared to face to face. I’m so used to having customers right there in front of me, and if they’re angry or upset I’d just have to take it and sort it out! Literally no escape. So, in a way making the calls is easier, I really could just put the phone down if I needed to!

A lot of what we do is being scored and I really didn’t know what to make of it to start with. I was so worried it was going to have a negative effect on my performance during the week but I knew I’d have to get over it if I wanted to succeed. Changing how I thought about it was definitely the way to go because by the third day I was doing really well. By the end of the week, I had the most points and I even won a bottle of Prosecco! This, along with a bank holiday weekend was a rather good way to celebrate my first week!

If I had to sum it up in three words, I’d say these past two weeks have been fast-paced, enjoyable and tiring! It truly has gone so quick, I almost can’t believe I’ve been here two weeks already. I’m enjoying learning something new and it’s giving me the opportunity to really challenge myself, and for me, that is so rewarding.

I knew I needed a change, and I’ll admit that leaving my last job wasn’t a hard decision but even as I walked into the office on my first day, I really didn’t know if recruitment was going to be for me. Two weeks in and I’m so glad I took the plunge. It’s been hard work and I know there’s a long way to go but all I can say is, I’m not looking back. Bring on week three!