TDM Success Stories, Week Four – Tom Munden, Associate Director, Surveying & Cost Consultancy

Here at TDM Recruitment Group we take pride in our team’s success, focusing on our homegrown talent, as demonstrated in the achievements in our consultants who have worked hard to succeed within a difficult market.

In the coming weeks we shall be exploring the backgrounds and development of several of our consultants that cover the diverse areas of the residential property industry. Just over halfway through, we took the time to talk with Tom Munden, newly promoted to Associate Director, who heads up our Construction and Commercial division, managing a team of five.

So Tom, when did you start at TDM Recruitment Group?

I joined the company in November 2016, so I have been with the business just over 18 months.

What did you do before you worked at TDM?

Prior to working at TDM I worked within recruitment across varying industries. I started off my career working within a technology specialist recruitment firm. Following this, I moved into the ‘built’ industry. Here I began to specialise in property and surveying, building my network base.

What was your first role at TDM?

I started at TDM as a Senior Consultant within the business, before being promoted to Managing Consultant.

What is your current role at TDM, and how have you progressed through the business since you started?

My current role at TDM is Associate Director. I was promoted to this role in March 2018. I also head up the Construction and Commercial desk, leading a current team of five, that is also in the process of growing.

What are you most proud of during your time at TDM?

During my time at TDM I have really progressed my career, I am proud to now be part of the management team driving the business forwards and the capacity I have for strategic input for the wider business as a whole.

Personally, I have achieved great billings which I am also proud of.

What would you recommend to people about TDM?

At TDM you are promoted on success and ability rather than time served within the business. We reward on effort and achievements, which is really refreshing within the market and makes the hard work ultimately worth it.

Another bonus is that it’s a cracking bunch of guys and girls to work with on a daily basis!