TDM Success Stories, Week One – Faye Angeletta, Associate Director, New Homes Sales & Marketing

Here at TDM Recruitment Group we take pride in our team’s success, focusing on our homegrown talent, as demonstrated in the achievements in our consultants who have worked hard to succeed within a difficult market.

In the coming weeks we shall be exploring the backgrounds and development of several of our consultants that cover the diverse areas of the residential property industry.

Our first success story will be focusing on Faye Angeletta, one of our Associate Directors who currently oversees the New Homes Sales & Marketing team.

So Faye, when did you start at TDM Recruitment Group?

I started at TDM in the summer of 2015, June to be precise. It was my first job in Kent after relocating from London.

What did you do before you worked at TDM?

Before working at TDM, I had no recruitment experience whatsoever.

I worked in luxury publishing in London, selling high end books to members worldwide. However, when relocating from London to Kent, the journey became too much and finding a new role closer to home was more practical.

Prior to working in publishing sales, I had experience in the renewable energy sector, managing memberships for multinational cooperates.

I graduated with a Law degree from a top university, but ultimately decided Law was not the way to go for me. I found my feet working with UHNWI’s for a global wealth membership club, before moving into the renewables market. As you can see, sales has always played an important factor in my career and I’ve thrived in a sales environment.

What was your first role at TDM?

When I started at TDM, I had to go back to ground zero in terms of levels within the business as I had no recruitment experience per se, but I knew it was the right move to make. I started as a Trainee in 2015, reporting directly into Tom, our MD and took the chance with both hands to make the opportunity into something and cultivate my desk to what it is now.

What is your current role at TDM?

I am now Associate Director within the business, running the New Homes Sales and Marketing function.

How have you progressed through the business?

I was a trainee within the business for three months, before being promoted to Recruitment Consultant, once I had learnt the ropes and proven myself as being dedicated and committed. That’s the thing about the business, Tom rewards effort from his staff and it really pays off to be recognised so early on.

I was then a Consultant for around 6 months, before being promoted to Senior Consultant in Spring 2016. Following this I was promoted to Managing Consultant in early 2017, wherein I started to lead my own team.I had a handful of staff join the business and move into my team, and they built up a candidate and client base recruiting for Sales Negotiators in a specific patch whilst I focused on working placing roles nationwide in business at Directorship level.

In mid-2017, I was promoted to Associate Director, wherein I have a more strategic role within the business, alongside heading up the New Homes Sales and Marketing function, and now lead a team of six, including two Principal Consultants and being involved in training new incomers as part of our Talent Academy.

What are you most proud of during your time at TDM?

That’s an interesting one. I think undoubtedly my biggest achievement at TDM, alongside personal career achievements that is, is setting up the New Homes Sales and Marketing function for TDM. I have grown and developed the business client base and built my team from a party of one to a team of six exceptional consultants.

I am in the process of growing again, it’s always exciting to see new faces join and to see how they develop into key members of the team. We work with industry leading housebuilders, nationwide, and are nationally recognised for our knowledge and expertise within the industry.

What would you recommend to people about TDM?

TDM Recruitment Group is a meritocracy and you will never be held back. You are rewarded, ultimately, for the effort you put in, and it’s true what they say, you reap what you sow. Consultants are rewarded on the basis of achievement, not time spent at the company, age, etc. TDM is a place where you can decide on the career you want to have and ultimately be in charge of your own destiny. Once you hit senior level within the business, consultants have the option of whether they would like to go down the Managing or Principal Consultancy route, if they want to lead a team or not, and if a consultant tries something and it doesn’t work out for them, they are able to move departments and roles.