TDM Success Stories, Week Six – Josh Wright, Senior Consultant, New Homes Sales & Marketing

TDM Success Stories, Week Six – Josh Wright

Here at TDM Recruitment Group we take pride in our team’s success, focusing on our homegrown talent, as demonstrated in the achievements in our consultants who have worked hard to succeed within a difficult market.

In the coming weeks we shall be exploring the backgrounds and development of several of our consultants that cover the diverse areas of the residential property industry. In our final week we’ve taken the time to speak with Josh Wright, Senior Consultant within our New Homes Sales and Marketing division.

Josh, when did you start at TDM Recruitment Group?

I joined TDM in February 2017 in the TDM Trainee Talent Academy.

What did you do prior to working at TDM?

Prior to working at TDM I had several months experience within a local recruitment firm, running an unskilled temporaries desk for 10 months, mainly industrial labour. However, before my foray into recruitment, I actually trained as an accountant at a local Top 15 firm, so I am an AAT qualified residential property Recruitment Consultant!

What was your first role at TDM?

My first role at TDM was Trainee Recruitment Consultant.

What is your current role at TDM, and how have you progressed through the business since you started?

After progressing successfully through the academy and learning ‘the TDM way’, I was officially promoted from Trainee to Recruitment Consultant in early July 2017. Since then I have been promoted to Senior Consultant, in March 2018.

What are you most proud of during your time at TDM?

Actually, I am most proud of the fact that the role has helped me grow as a person and in turn has structured my approach to life. I have grown up, become more independent and given myself an amazing opportunity to earn significantly more money than I used to, and likely would have ever had the chance to in previous roles.

What would you recommend to people about TDM?

TDM is, without a doubt, a relaxed atmosphere with likeminded, ambitious and fresh individuals that all want a similar thing and share joined motivations. People want to do well here which means that we incentivize each other. Each of us learn a particular market within the team we work in, which gives us the gravitas to perform as efficiently as possible. There is always crystal clear targets and parameters for promotion and we operate transparently across the business which makes all the difference. You know what you need to do to get to the next level up the tree, there’s no bullshit, if you do it, you’ll get it. Simple as.

Once you’ve built the foundations, you work with real autonomy, but support is always there if you need it and that’s the perfect balance in my opinion.