TDM Success Stories, Week Three – Kate Porter, Principal Consultant, New Homes Sales & Marketing

Here at TDM Recruitment Group we take pride in our team’s success, focusing on our homegrown talent, as demonstrated in the achievements in our consultants who have worked hard to succeed within a difficult market.

In the coming weeks we shall be exploring the backgrounds and development of several of our consultants that cover the diverse areas of the residential property industry. Firing into our third week, and halfway through, we’re taking a look at Kate Porter, Principal Consultant within our New Homes Sales and Marketing function within the business.

So Kate, when did you start at TDM Recruitment Group?

I started at TDM in February 2017.

What did you do before you worked at TDM?

Prior to working at TDM Recruitment, I worked within the recruitment industry, but in a more generalist/commercial setting, recruiting locally in the Kent market.

Prior to working in recruitment, I was a PA in London for the CEO of a commercial property company.

What was your first role at TDM?

When I joined TDM in February 2017, I started as a Senior Consultant, due to my previous experience within the recruitment industry.

What is your current role at TDM?

My current role within the business is Principal Consultant within the New Homes Sales and Marketing team.

How have you progressed through the business?

After starting at TDM, I was Senior Consultant within the business for 6 months, before moving into a Managing Consultant role.

In December 2017, I made another move into Principal Consultant role, to try the other side and switch my focus up slightly, this role suits me better.

What are you most proud of during your time at TDM?

Working at TDM is definitely rewarding, providing that you put the effort in – you really do reap what you sow. One of these rewards, that I’m certainly proud of, is the monetary side of things – I’ve been able to pay my wedding off in full which is something I’m really proud of.

What would you recommend to people about TDM?

TDM is a dynamic company – genuinely! Things happen quickly, we have no red tape and are answerable to our own clients which means that roles move fast and consultants function with complete autonomy. The culture is, if you make a mistake you learn from it, which works well!

TDM are a specialist recruiter within the residential property industry, so you specialise in a niche and therefore have more ownership of the market. You become an ‘expert’ within your field swiftly, which naturally impacts your network and your success, giving you the ability to work more efficiently.

Career wise, if you perform well and put the effort in, you get promoted quickly, and you always know the parameters you can work within and the key competencies you have to hit to achieve your next promotion. TDM works well due to it’s transparency.