TDM Talent Academy Week One

Here at TDM, we love to develop and grown our own fresh talent. One of our main streams of incoming hires into the business is our Talent Academy, that we run 3-4 times per year. We hire from a mixture of backgrounds; sales, customer service, general high street recruitment, graduates and school leavers.

That’s the thing about TDM, we look for culture fit and train on skillset, and that’s what makes our atmosphere so successful.

This week marks the first week of our May 2018 TDM Talent Academy.

We have four brand new trainees stepping into the business. One has generalist recruitment experience, three have customer service backgrounds, so we are excited to see where they all end up, and the way in which they progress over the coming weeks.

Our training programme runs for 12 weeks, split into an intense first four-week training programme, and a wider twelve-week training programme to become an autonomous, stand alone recruiter. We’ve decided to let you have a peek into how our Academy is going, through the highs and the lows, the peaks and troughs, as TDM embarks further into its growth journey. We look forward to having you along for the ride!

So, how has that first week been?


Ask any of our Trainees and I’m sure they will tell you the same thing. Hurtling towards the end of the week, I can see in front of me is a desk full of coffee mugs and energy drink cans.

Recruitment can be ridiculously tiring when you first start out, and from a trainers’ perspective, having four faces looking at you for direction is just as tiring. But it’s so rewarding. At this stage alone we can already see the promise in all four trainees, and where they are capable of going. The drive and determination that they possess sets them apart from other graduates in the market, and they will succeed if they continue to put in the effort and willingness to learn the industry and role as they currently do. Their output is fantastic and runs alongside the self-motivation to succeed and prove themselves that they have.

The thing about TDM is that we put the effort in to train. Weeks and weeks of preparation goes into the planning of our academy, and the trepidation in the first week is felt by both sides of the coin. We’re nervous and excited as to how our new Trainees will perform, and they are nervous too. Will we live up to the expectation?

We all remember those first scary steps into the foray of recruitment. The trepidation and wonder of what is to come next. That’s the thing with recruitment, you have to expect the unexpected, to work hard and never know what is around the corner.

The first week in any new job is nerve wracking, meeting new people and finding your feet within the team, making the right impression. At TDM we try and strip back the barriers, ensuring that all of our new Trainees meet the team straight away to get them used to the office and how we all work together within the office. Introducing them to the culture is of paramount importance to us. Throughout the interview process, several members of the team have been involved, and our Trainees have been introduced to the way we work already, therefore they have a head start on a complete cold entrance. Walking into our office on your first day can be a scary time, with 20 odd faces staring back at you, so we don’t want to prolong the process.

One of the key components of recruitment is the dreaded phone. Let’s face it, you’re either comfortable on the phone or you’re not. The unknowing of what is on the other end of the phone.

However, we’ve spent a lot of time this week in trying to make our trainees as comfortable as possible on the phone, speaking with both candidates and clients and getting to know our market. There is a debate when training as to whether industry knowledge or skillset building is of paramount importance. At TDM we firmly feel that skillset is vital to succeeding within a recruiters’ world. Developing the transferrable skillset between the silo teams ensures that our team are willing and ready to go, regardless of the sector they are working within. We would rather that all of our team have an excellent grounding in the skills they need for the activities they need to do, as opposed to muddling along with great industry knowledge yet no idea on what, or how to process, the information they are given or how to liaise with candidates and clients. The bonus that our trainee team have at this moment in time when speaking with candidates is that they have recently gone through the process, and so are more understanding of the apprehensions candidates have over looking for new roles.

This week has been a learning curve for all involved, as it usually is and as we would expect. Next week will entail more learning, and we look forward to seeing what happens!