What Residential Property Job Benefits Should I Ask For?

What Residential Property Job Benefits Should I Ask For?

Accepting a new residential property job is not simply just about the salary, but what additional benefits or “job perks” that job brings. In fact, many millennials are increasingly basing which job to accept on these benefits, and not just salary. At TDM our team of consultants have come across numerous clients with usual, and unusual benefits. Additionally, they regularly come across candidates with minimum requirements for these benefits when searching for their next job on their property career path.

So what are the additional benefits we regularly see offered to candidates?

  • Flexible Working Hours – Today’s world is busier and at a greater pace than ever.

    Flexible working can be a massive bonus for couple and families alike. Allowing such a benefit where possible makes many of our candidates feel more valued, positive and engaged, whilst they can get a greater balance on the demanding needs of both 

  • Working from Home – Less Regularly Seen, and impossible for some within the industry.

    Not quite as common and impossible for some of our residential property sectors. However, in the modern world with lots of remote working solutions this perk works more effectively than ever and can be a huge help for many.

  • Career Development and Professional Accreditation – A common benefit, and equally a common reason to leave.

    Everyone wants to progress in their career and can benefit from professional accreditation. This is a regularly seen benefit from clients we see at TDM. Unfortunately, it is also one of the main reasons given from candidates for them look to leave their current employer.

  • Corporate Discount – Another commonly seen benefit, but an essential one!

    Many of our clients across the property industry help support current employees with lovely discounts, never underestimate the power of such benefits. However, it does not have to be just the obvious discounts, it can be across anything your team considers essential or a common interest or hobby in personal life as well.

  • Car Allowance/Company Car – Love Cars?

    Some of us love cars out there, and having a company car can help us step into some of the more premium automotive manufacturers with the latest technology. From a client perspective clearly projecting the correct image is essential.

  • Healthcare – Private Healthcare.

    Unfortunately, many of us have or have had health issues and we want those issues resolved as soon as possible. Private healthcare can be a massive help in achieving that aim and get us back to work as quickly as possible.

  • Free Onsite Lunch/Lunch Costs Covered

    Some of our clients offer candidates free lunch which can be very helpful in keeping the team fit and healthy, although it is a nice perk for everyone involved during day to day activities.

  • Classic Friday Early Finish – Everyone loves to finish early on a Friday
  • We do not believe this one needs explaining as everyone likes to get away early on a Friday, usually either down the pub or to spend more time

As a candidate what further additional benefits or job perks would you want potential employers to offer?

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