With world-class infrastructure, global exposure, and boundless career opportunities, it’s clear to see why The Economist placed Dubai third in their Global Economic Performance Report.

Surpassing the likes of London, Tokyo, New York, and Paris, Dubai’s attraction for career-makers in recent years has increased ten-fold since the announcement of social reforms helping to rebrand the city as the next Singapore.

It’s no secret that housebuilding and property professionals are leaving the UK in their droves to be a part of the exponential growth and innovation happening in Dubai right now. With developments visible from space as well as being home to the world’s tallest buildings, Dubai is a young city with grand ambitions.

There’s never been a more exciting time to move to Dubai, and at tdm we’re best designed to help our clients find the right person for the job. 

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It’s no secret that UK-educated and experienced property professionals are in high-demand across the UAE.

Having placed professionals from every level of the business, we have an extensive and regularly updated database, not to mention entrenched relationships with those at the top of their game within our industry. As this is a bespoke offering, we work one-to-one with our clients to ensure we are selling the role to the targeted candidates as per your guidance.

We are used to working roles that are not yet made public, need discretion or need to be handled with sensitivity. Our goal is not to be yet another UK recruitment company working in Dubai, but, a tailored service linking career opportunities between our clients and our network. If you’re looking for a new perspective, an honest and diligent recruitment partnership, then we’re very likely exactly who you’re looking for.

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More than a playground for the rich, Dubai is overtaking world-class cities to become the most sought-after destination for working professionals and families.

Brits who are making the move to Dubai are benefitting from advantages such as:

  • Unapparelled economic growth: Dubai’s economy has gone from strength to strength. Most notably, the Dirham is pegged to the US dollar making it one of the most stable currencies in the world.
  • Cultural immersion: Going to a new country can be daunting, but with over a quarter of a million UK expats making Dubai their home, there are plenty of opportunities to make it a great place to live.
  • Endless entrepreneurial & career opportunities: With economic growth comes abundant opportunities for career-shakers, entrepreneurs and pioneers. The city itself is a larger-than-life representation of what innovation can look like, with the latest technology, health advancement and pristine infrastructure.
  • Greater work/life balance: London used to be a 24/7 city but post pandemic those days are long gone. Dubai, on the other hand, can offer unlimited opportunities for the thrill-seekers, shoppers, fine-diners, sun-chasers and so on.

And perhaps most importantly of all, a chance to make your mark and earn a lot.

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