Head of Customer Care Jobs

TDM has recruited a number for a number of senior customer care roles, including head of customer care and customer care directors.

There are a number of important responsibilities for such a role, but overall a customer care director or head of customer care is there to manage customer care team effectively with clear guidelines, policies, procedures, responsibilities and provided with full support to achieve those responsibilities including training, coaching, communication and development.

In addition to this they have a number of responsibilities that can include:

  • Ensuring that all customer complaints are owned by the division including acknowledging the issues, investigating them and resolved on time whilst meeting required cost controls
  • Ensuring that all remedial work is completed to required standards and inline with requirements of the NHBC warranty, guidelines and technical standards
  • Maintain a log of all customer care issues that can be used for regularly review meetings with other areas such as the Construction Director, Commercial and Technical departments to reduce future remedial costs
  • Build and maintain relationships with construction, technical, commercial and sales departments to ensure all remedial actions are minimised
  • Ensure that the department is compliant with all company vision, values, policies and procedures

We have a number of new roles below, alternatively call 01795 531 934, send your cv and our team will be in touch.