Why should employers use a recruitment agency?

Many people ask why? Surely companies can fill vacancies themselves? This is true, they don’t need a recruitment agency, but here are some reasons why they might want to consider it:

Time is precious

Ultimately, no matter what role, your job is to help grow the company you are in. Too many people spend time on administration rather than doing what they are paid for. Why – because it needs to be done. Can it be avoided? Yes, like most functions you can outsource to experts.

Recruitment is time consuming, finding candidates that are fit for purpose and more importantly fit for your company is a slog – furthermore, sifting through CVs isn’t spending your time well.

To make the hiring process seamless, a recruitment agency can present you with a selection of candidates that fit the bill – it’s just a case of you picking the best one for you. The lengthily selection process is eliminated by using an agency, meaning your time is better spent where it should be – reaching your targets!

We know our clients

Part of delivering high-calibre candidates is all about understanding the client’s needs. Knowing a client’s values is key – a candidate may be fully qualified for a role but if they don’t fit into the culture of the business, then neither party is happy. Getting to know a candidate takes time, it’s just as important to make sure that the candidate is happy as well as the client. Consultants will have candidates in mind the moment a vacancy becomes available – they will have a pre-conceived list of candidates that would suit a particular client. This means the selection process covers both professional and personal requirements for each party.

The little black book

Recruitment agencies have a vast library of candidates who they can call upon, these relationships are kept strong by ongoing touch points and continued rapport. A huge part of any recruitment agency’s strategy is to become the go-to agency for any client with a vacancy or candidate that wants a change – they work hard at this to make placements a smooth and quick process.

Insider knowledge

Consultants are (or should be!) experts in their fields, they know the latest projects that will require candidates. They have their ears to the ground and have contacts in the industry that they can get inside knowledge from. This knowledge empowers consultants to be able to reach out to candidates who are suitable for jobs – whether they are openly looking for a new role or not. Consultants can tap into resources and have off-the-record discussions that an employer isn’t able to do.

So really it’s all about making the hiring process as quick, efficient and easy for you as possible – with a long term positive result. The most valued part of any employer is their time – and recruitment agencies can give this back to you.