Benefits of Hiring Temporary New Homes Sales Negotiators

I am very lucky to have some amazing house building clients who build quality homes and offer amazing careers, but they are struggling to find the high calibre site new homes sales staff they need.

We are getting weekly calls from sales directors and managers who are looking for 4 – 6 new homes sales negotiators at once.  These clients have an immediate need and more clients are now looking to take on temporary sales staff.

The other big trend in the market is privately owned house builders expanding their operations outside of their normal strongholds, and they are looking to put together a team for a 12-18 month period.

Due to the nature of the new homes industry, priorities are constantly changing and with that, the role of temporary staff has become increasing important.

Because of this we have had a rapid influx of temporary sales roles and the main benefits for this are;

  • Reactive; quick response so your site remains fully staffed and customer appointments are always kept
  • Hiring experienced temporary new homes sales advisors, who you can trust, who know the industry and the role well.
  • We can provide these staff for a couple of weeks, or for an ongoing fixed term contract depending on your specific requirements
  • Recruitment can be time consuming. Hiring a temporary sales team member gets the process over the line quicker, as we vet all of the candidates for you.
  • If you find an outstanding temporary sales candidate, we can manage the onboarding process should you want to take them on as a permanent member of new homes sales staff.
  • When managing multiple teams you can often be let down by sickness; or last minute leave
  • Hiring a temporary member of staff ensures that your business is never affected.
  • Quick solutions – a fast hire can solve an immediate staffing problem
  • Temporary to permanent – candidates who want the chance to work for you permanently will set about to work extra hard to prove themselves. It gives the client the chance to ‘try before you buy’
  • Specialist knowledge by project – those who have experience in a certain market are perfect for a short term project
  • Fresh perspective – an outsider can bring new ideas and approaches which can add value

I have seen a definite change in the hiring habits of clients as they see the benefits of temporary on-site sales staff.