How Professional is Your Email Address?

How Professional is Your Email Address?

How much thought have you put into your email address that you use on your CV’s and in other professional circumstances?

Many of us have embarrassing, complex and possibly unsuitable earlier email addresses that we used when we were younger (including me as the writer of this blog).

Unfortunately (and sadly), in our experience we come across these email address types very often. We believe many candidates simply forget that are our first real touch point with them, more so if they apply through a digital medium, is via their email address. This creates many issues.

So, what are the general issues we see?

  • Complex spacing or unusual spelling
  • Offensive (or potentially offensive) words
  • Hobbies or Interests incorporated into it
  • Excessive use of unusual characters or numbers
  • Unsuitable/Untrustworthy Hosting Domains (We will come on to this!)

So what tips & thoughts have the TDM Team got today?

  • It takes minutes to setup a new email address, so do it if your current email address is unsuitable – there really is no excuse
  • Keep it simple and professional – names only if possible
  • Do not reference anything about your age, religion or hobbies
  • Do not make it offensive
  • Do not put unusual characters, spacing or excessive amounts of numbers
  • Consider which email hosting provider you are using

The last point might not be obvious (and slightly less in your control initially). However, there are number of potential reasons to consider carefully which provider you are using from purely a technical and professional perspective.

From a technical perspective if you are using a complex email address, coupled with an untrustworthy email hosting provider it simply might end up in a spam folder, and not reviewed (or possibly it will, but with significant delay).

From a professional perspective, the hosting domain may decide how likely a hiring manager or recruiter is to reply to your email or application. Obviously in some circumstances using a company domain is not correct or appropriate, however using a trusted provider, such as Google or Yahoo, is best advised as these are reliable and trustworthy as a sender (or if you really want to show off why not get a custom domain?)

Hopefully now you should realise the critical importance of having a simple, concise and professional email address when applying for jobs. Why not follow us on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to get more of our latest industry news, jobs and further tips and tricks from TDM?

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