Snap General Election – Positive for the Residential House Building Industry?

Why I believe a snap election is positive for the House Building Industry.

We are now all aware that we will be going to the polls again on June 8th. It’s the 3rd time in 3 years that the electorate have been called to vote with the general election of 2015, Brexit vote in 2016 and now general election in 2017.

I can fully understand why Theresa May has called this election, with the hard yards of Brexit still ahead, it is imperative for us that the government of the day has the biggest and clearest mandate to make the tough decisions needed without fear of rouge MP’s or mini-coalitions holding the government to ransom.

The Labour Party has never been in a weaker position and whilst I don’t wish to get into an ideological debate, the policies and views of the current Labour leadership (Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell) are very anti-business, anti-entrepreneurship and anti-property/ house building.

The likeliest outcome come 9th June is that we will end up with a very strong and stable Conservative government which would be fantastic news for the house building industry. We need a steady and stable government to deliver the policies and manifesto that is best for the industry.

However, we need an effect opposition to keep the Government in check and if, as many are already predicting, Labour are decimated for a generation then it is in all our best interest that they regroup and reorder to make sure we don’t turn into a one party system.

After nearly 2 years of instability and shock results, I am personally delighted that Theresa May has decided to be brave and go for it. It means we will undoubtedly then have 5 full years of a purposeful government that will best serve the house building industry as we divorce from Europe.