Social Media & Your Job

We are all aware (or at least should be!) that recruiters (including TDM!) and potential employers will be screening our online social media presence. 

Recent surveys have found many highlights, but include:

  • Employers that are less likely to interview candidates with no online presence
  • Employers not hiring candidates based on their online social media presence
  • Employers checking current employee’s social media profiles, with some facing disciplinary action or even being fired.

The simple fact is that social media is now a critical part of the residential property job recruitment process, or for that matter any recruitment process. Additionally, some recruiters and employers are going even further looking at online search engines!

Example factors recruiters and employers are looking at when screening are:

  • Information supporting qualifications, achievements, interests and goals
  • Having a professional online profile and presence
  • Reviewing what other people have posted about the candidate
  • For any issues that would prevent that candidate being hired

Some of things you should not to do with your online social media presence:

  • Have inappropriate screen names
  • Posting provocative or inappropriate images
  • Information about drinking, using drugs or criminal behaviour
  • Discriminatory comments on any grounds, including race, gender, religion
  • Negative comments about your current or previous company
  • Lie about qualifications, achievements, interests or goals

However, there are many things you should definitely be doing to improve your online social media presence, some examples include:

  • Treat it like you “online” CV
  • Have an online professional social presence (yes there are people without one), for example on Linkedin
  • Ensure to keep your professional profiles up to date with your latest employer, qualifications, achievements, interests and goals
  • Ensure you follow any relevant residential property groups or companies on your profiles to learn more about the company or keeping up with the latest relevant industry news
  • Think about what you are posting prior to posting it on any form of social media, including whilst being employed
  • Remove or make private any unprofessional content, for example on Facebook
  • Keep any unprofessional social media accounts private limiting content to relevant people 
  • Be careful what you post on public groups (this includes groups where you need to be confirmed by an administrator)
  • Remember that your social media presence (and your online search engine history) will follow you around for years
  • If you have anything that could be viewed negatively then resolve them promptly, especially for search engines that could take some time to update (or remove) the offending material

After all that, remember that your online professional (and unprofessional) social media presence can paint you in an excellent light, or a very negative light. Ultimately, it is in your hands (and interests) to help enhance and protect it, just like your CV. 

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