TDM Academy – Week Four – Charlie

With our trainees being placed into their teams this week and reporting into a team leader its been a very different week for all involved.

Our trainees now have targets set based on activity; calls made, emails sent, job averts, CV’s in, CV’s sent, etc. Every team is different, so the targets and daily plans also vary.

I have caught up with the trainees and their managers to see how things are going and how they are settling into their new homes (no pun intended!)

Trainee one (we’ll call them that for the sake of this blog, but they are a real person- I promise!)

Trainee one is working within the construction team, Jack is their direct report and he had the following to say about their first week in the construction team.

“I have been really impressed with trainee one’s progression this week. I can see the change from last week, I knew that they felt their targets were going to be a hard task. But, I had every faith in them.”

“I have been most impressed with how self-sufficient they have been this week, I set out a rough plan and they have gone beyond that and are actually coming to me with ideas and really thinking on their feet.”

“The trainees are surrounded with some good recruiters so there’s plenty of things to pick up on and I am pleased that they have done this. I am already expecting them to fly the nest soon and make their own mark on the industry.”

Trainee one had the following to say “Well this week I have felt more like a recruiter. My targets were set last week, I felt they were unachievable, but good news from my mid-week review I feel like I can leave on Friday reaching what I thought was impossible.”

The trainees are expected to manage their time to a certain, as mentioned they now have targets to be met, which is sometimes a little daunting at first, but it all seemed to be positive feedback this week on the construction team. Trainee one; “I’m trying to manage my own time better, balancing candidate calls and learning what goes on throughout the whole recruitment process. My confidence has been boosted this week and I am hoping to be even more successful next week.”

Trainee two is working with the Sales and Marketing team, and we liaise with new homes sales advisors. I’ve been working really closely with this trainee and only have positive things to say; with 2 CV’s sourced, 1 interview attended and 2 interviews taking place next week I’d say feel they’ve settled in extremely well. I’m expecting big things with their future at TDM!

Sam and Matt are working with Trainee three and four on the commercial team.

Trainee three had some really positive stuff to say and trainee four didn’t have the time to talk to me as they were too busy, or they don’t like me (just kidding!) “This week has been really good, one of my best weeks so far, I’ve gotten quite a few CV’s in, which I was really surprised about, one of them has resulted into an interview- so that’s exciting! I Went home last night feeling happy and proud of myself, which compared to my first week when I felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown due to information overload! I feel like I’m finding my feet with it all now and Matt has been a great help. I was happy to go onto Commercial this week, my bug bear is formatting CV’s so much, it’s frustrating when Word doesn’t do what I tell it to! Overall a really good week for me and I’m starting to feel more confident on the phone, speaking to people with a wealth of experience about a sector I know little about it daunting, if you were to look in my notebook, there’s script upon script written, one for each potential candidate’s reaction. I think I’ll eventually get through it though”

Sam mentioned that trainee four has gained 3 updated CV’s this week and one brand new CV, so it seems they are well on their way to making waves in the commercial industry.

It is really exciting to see them in their prospective teams, working independently and mastering the ‘TDM way’. If we look back 4 weeks from when they first started I’d say they’ve taken on every challenge with a (sometimes gritted!!) smile. Recruitment isn’t for everyone, but I think it’s definitely for these four!