TDM – Growing our Own

Ever since starting TDM I have taken great pride in the fact that we have always recruited and trained up our own consultants. As its stands, 70% of the current team have started at TDM as trainees and worked their way up the business.

One of the core values of TDM is that your efforts and success are rewarded on the basis of performance, irrespective of age or longevity in the business. There is no better example of this than Faye Angeletta; who after 2 years with the business and at the age of 27 became our first associate director. Faye joined as a trainee in 2015 and worked her way up the business and has been the mistress of her own destiny.

At the beginning of 2017, TDM took this to the next level and formally started our graduate/ trainee programme and welcomed our 1st ‘Academites’, Mike and Josh.

Both Mike and Josh have been given a structured introduction to the world of recruitment and been shown the core skills needed to operate in the high pressured environment of the property sector.

No one day is the same and the guys have excelled in the fast paced and exciting world of recruitment.

Mike is a recent law graduate who previously worked at Tesco’s during his degree. He is working alongside our head of commercial, Tom Munden, and is sourcing talent in the cost consultancy market.

“I was looking for a challenging career where no 2 days are the same and you can really have an impact on your own progression. The academy has been amazing and whilst at times it is very daunting the amount we have to learn I have been given all the support and skills needed.” Mike

Josh spent a year working for local high street recruiters but was looking for a faster paced career with bigger earning potential. He is working is Faye’s sales team supplying clients with amazing sales consultants and managers.

 “Every day has been amazing and seeing the senior consultants earning £6,000 plus a month is a real motivator to push myself. I love seeing the positive impact we have on candidates and how my actions can change some ones’ life for the better with their dream job.” Josh

The academy has had an amazing impact on the business in more ways than I had ever hoped. The senior consultants really want to help out and pass on their wisdom in recruitment. It also shows the team how much is being invested in the growth of the company.

I believe the academy is the game changer for TDM and as we are about to start the next academy in may this year, I am keen to hear from anyone (a degree isn’t important, but a positive attitude is essential!) who wants to make a career move into recruitment.

If you’re interested, give me a call on 07801-082-357 and tell me why you are the next TDM superstar…