TDM’s Top 10 Interview Tips

Completed your CV in line with TDM’s Tips and successfully managed to get an interview? If you have, TDM’s experienced team of property consultants have now returned to another key area of getting your dream property job.

The team have helped put together a set of TDM’s Top 10 Interview Tips for Residential Property Jobs to help you secure that dream property job. If not, why not review the previous blog on TDM’s Top 10 CV Tips now and get your CV fighting fit to apply for your next property job.

Remember, the interview stage is another opportunity for self-promotion and marketing, rather like the Top 10 CV Tips.  Only difference being you are doing it in person. Even if not in person, some of these tips may help you with phone interviews prior to a face to face interview.

  • Do your Research
    • Learn as much as possible about what sectors they cover
    • Do they have any specialities? For example, retirement developments
    • Read up on the company vision, values and culture
    • Look up company facts via annual reports, press releases and news, blogs, vlogs on their website(s)
    • Use social media to research the company presence on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and do not forget to include other sources such as Youtube
    • Use your research to help develop the reasons why they are the right place for you to work over their competitors
  • Research the Role
    • Review the job description and ensure you can answer confidently how you meet those requirements, including specific examples that demonstrate those abilities
    • If possible you may want to contact the potential employer and ask what a typical day/week would look like and what are the priorities for the role
  • Research the Interviewers
    • Social media is a brilliant way to learn about the interviewing panel, you may wish to focus on their Linkedin activity
    • It is an opportunity to see what their focus is and equally it may help you narrow down the type of questions you are going to be asked as well as their potential interests
  • Practice
    • It is essential that you practice prior to the interview so that you can deliver responses to the questions of the interviewing panel
  • Listen
    • Unfortunately listening is a neglected (and forgotten) skill, but is critical to coming across well in the interview and ensures you answer the question the interviewer is asking
  • Relax
    • If you are under pressure to get the job then this will damage your performance.
    • One way is to consider that there are other jobs which you will get interviewed for and there by you release some of the pressure of the situation
  • Be on Time
    • Ensure you leave sufficient time to arrive at your interview location with 10 minutes prior to the interview, including time for errors such as getting lost or finding a place to park
    • If possible you may want to consider doing a test run to the location to avoid additional stress prior to the interview 
    • Do not arrive excessively early for your interview, if you do then consider finding somewhere suitable to wait without going into the interview location
    • Equally, if you are going to unfortunately arrive late then contact the recruiter, or potential employer to inform them
  • Dress Appropriately
    • Remember that any first impression will be what you are wearing, so make sure you look good
    • Ensure you are comfortable in what you are wearing, being uncomfortable could impact your performance in the interview
    • Ensure you know about the company dress code and what is expected moving forwards even if it less formal
    • Make sure all clothing for the interview is free from creases and dirt
  • Follow Up
    • Consider following up your interview if you have not heard anything within a suitable timescale (such as 48 hours or 72 hours) to get an update
    • If unsuccessful remember there is going to be other opportunities and request feedback on what the interviewers consider could be improved on and focus on these points for future interviews

After all that why not consider searching, registering and applying (with that new CV!) via TDM for your next residential property job, some of our latest jobs are shown below.