TDM’s Top 10 Psychometric Test Tips

Another day, another Top 10 blog from the team at TDM. If you have not had an opportunity to review our other Top 10 blogs then you may wish to review them:

This time the team at TDM have focused on an increasingly used assessment tool, psychometric tests.

A number of the consultants across various property sectors have shown a significant growth in the number of  property clients utilising these tests to help assess the candidate before or during an interview. Below is 10 of our top tips for psychometric tests compiled and compared by our team of experienced consultants from across a number of key areas of the business:

  • Consider the type of test you may face and research it, these can include
    • Ability & Aptitude tests – commonly verbal and numerical reasoning
    • Critical Thinking & Situational Judgement tests – Focus on scenarios and games that help review your suitability for the company or role
    • Personality tests -focus on assessing your behaviour in different situations usually with options to agree, disagree or neither agree or disagree
  • Try and find out what type of tests you will be taking
    • Contact your potential employer and ask what type of tests you will be taking
    • Which publisher are these tests from is an additional question you may want to ask them
  • Use any practice materials provided
    • A potential employer may send you some practice tests to prepare for the test, use these as much as possible as chances are they are from the same publisher as the test you will be given on the day
    • If none are provided then research providers online and see if they have any practice test available
  • Feel Weak? 
    • Are there any areas you feel you are weak on? For example, numeracy, then focus in and brush up on your skills in that area or verbal reasoning then consider reading quality newspapers or news websites
    • Exercise your brain with word and number challenges or puzzles to sharpen your responses
  • Timed Tests
    • Consider wearing a watch so that you can see how much time you have left
    • Strike a balance between being quick, but also accurate when answering the questions
    • Any questions that are confusing or you are finding difficult move on to the next question you can answer quickly
    • Remember timed test are commonly designed to not allow a candidate to complete the test
  • Listen and Read Instructions
    • Listen and Read Instructions carefully prior to answering any questions
  • Prepare by Packing Everything
    • Pack everything you could possibly need to carry out the test – including pens, pencils, glasses and calculator
  • Any issues that may impact your performance
    • Contact the recruitment team if there are any issues that could impact your performance when completing the test, such as disabilities
  • Be on Time
    • Ensure you leave sufficient time to arrive at your test location with 10 minutes prior to the interview, including time for errors such as getting lost
  • Sleep Well
    • Sleep well the night before the test to ensure you are on top performance prior to the test

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