Top 5 reasons to Join the Team at TDM

There a vast number of excellent reasons to apply and (hopefully!) be part of the wonderfully skilled team at TDM. We had a hard time cutting this down to 5 reasons, but here we are, finally at only 5 reasons why you should consider joining the team. Do not forget if you do want to apply (and we all hope you do), then make sure your CV and Interview skills are up to scratch!

The top 5 reasons to work for TDM:

  • Fun
    • TDM’s core values include Fun – we are not “stuffy and boring”.
    • Ultimately all this leads to success for TDM and personal success for each of the term with recognition and reward being a key motivation!
  • Never work your Birthday
    • No one should be working on their birthday – so you do not if you are part of the team at TDM
    • Birthday on a Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday? You get an extra day off!
    • Do not want your birthday off? Then choose a day where you want to in that year.
  • Work as a part of an excellent team
    • All the team here are individuals with different skills and experience that they bring to the table, they can also help with a variety of ideas and resolving problems when they appear
    • In addition, never forget team work makes the dream work. The dream being TDM’s success, with numerous successful placements as well as your own personal success.
  • Training
    • TDM has had a remarkable success with its trainees, we ensure they are successful with excellent levels of training and support throughout the training academy.
    • Currently as TDM stands today over 70% of the team at TDM started as trainees in the business and have progressed through the business.
  • Passion
    • The team are a passionate bunch about what they do. A placement is just not another number to them and they want success for any candidate and equally any client.

After all that why not consider why not apply for a role as part of the team now – Join Us