Unlimited Holidays at TDM

Most people have a view of recruiters being:

  • Quasi “Wolf of Wall Street” Types
  • Their wardrobe consists of multiple pinstripe suits in the same colours
  • The phones are smashed in boiler rooms between 7 am – 7pm
  • After work consists of a liquid diet of downing mojito’s in a London Bar until 1am

TDM is nothing like this, we live in 2018, not 1998. I have a view that we want to do things differently in the residential property recruitment market, and the wider recruitment industry. A positive modern culture is more conducive to higher performing consultants doing the right thing rather than hitting a CV’s sent or client visit weekly KPI (we don’t do KPI’s either in case you ask!).

For me the biggest asset TDM has is the amazing team that work in the business. They are the living heartbeat of TDM, this is reinforced by TDM tripling in size in 2017. We have an amazing culture at TDM and there are genuine friendships that have formed outside of work.

As the MD of TDM I want to treat the team as adults, therefore I have introduced unlimited holidays to employees at TDM. They are left to decide how much or little holiday they want a year. I know that each consultant knows what is needed to do their job, if they want to have 45 days a year and still do there job effectively then where is the problem in having that level of holiday?

We spend so much time at work in a week that it is an extension of who we are. I am lucky I absolutely love my job and get up every day with excitement. I want the consultants at TDM never to feel their job is a chore, and if they need some time off to recharge the batteries they can do so. Additionally, if they simply want to have some fun with friends then they can do that as well.  This also avoids the issue of a fixed number of holidays of how many holidays do I have left this year?

I’m super excited as I think this will ultimately lead to the team being extra productive and help our exceptionally talented residential property clients and leading clients in the industry.

The world of work is changing, everything must evolve and get better. I believe that unlimited holidays form part of this balance between professional and personal life.

Would you like your employer to give you unlimited holidays? What would you give to have a infinite number of holidays per year?