Your Job Change – What Have You Considered?

Your Job Change – What have you considered?

There can be numerous reasons behind you considering a property job change or career direction change into residential property. If you have not had an opportunity to look whether you should changes jobs, then why not read our recent 10 reasons to change jobs now! The most obvious factor in people changing jobs is usually sadly the obvious, salary, however this should not be the only consideration.

Here at TDM we are aware of a number of our clients salary bands. But, before you accept your next job offer have you thought about other factors? For example, whether the benefits package with a lower salary is better than simply a higher salary?

  • Work Environment
    • Will you actively look forward to going to work on a Monday Morning?
    • Have you had an opportunity to walk around your potential new workplace?
    • Have you had an opportunity to meet the team you will be working with?
    • Do you like the feel of the Company Culture etc.?
    • Is the environment a good team working environment?
    • Do you feel like you will be challenged in the role?
    • Will you be able to advance?
    • Will you have an opportunity to personally develop your skills, qualifications etc.?
    • Is the company on a secure footing? Has it had any recent mergers? How are the company doing financially?
    • What are the weekly hours, and what are the working hours?
    • Should the worst happen what form of notice period will you have? Will it simply be the legal minimum or enhanced?
  • Benefits
    • Does the employer offer any Private Medical Care? How good is the coverage and do you lose other benefits because of it?
    • How does the pension plan for the company suit you and your plans?
    • Are there any other benefits that could make it improved? For example Child Care, more flexible working hours
  • Time Off
    • How much holiday entitlement will you receive? Is it simply in line with the legal minimums or enhanced?
    • What is the policy regarding children or close family members falling ill? Again, is it simply in line with legal minimums or enhanced?
    • How does the pension plan for the company suit you and your plans?
  • Your Personal Lifestyle
    • Does the position suit your personal life? Are there going to be problems you need to overcome to take the position?
    • How will you get there? How long will it take? Are there other ways of getting there in case of problems? Will it be cost effective? Will you want to do it on a cold, damp and dark Winter’s Morning or Evening?
    • Is there any opportunity for remote working? (Clearly not possible for some roles, but for others can be a benefit)
    • Will it cause problems for you and your family by you taking the role? For example, will you be home prior to any of your children being in bed etc.
    • Does it put you a further step on your career path or set you on your new career path?

Ultimately, all the team at TDM agree there is no one size fits all answer to any of the above. Consider writing your current roles positives and negatives down and compare, if necessary you may want to consider weighting each of these if there is a stalemate.

The biggest factors the team here come across, for many, beyond salary, is usually the offer of progression or development. The other factor for some is simply down due to the nature of the commute. We have come across numerous candidates with some considering a commute of over an hour perfectly sensible, for others they may only consider one of 30 minutes.