Every year without fail, we see a spike in the number of people looking for a new job in the new year. We get why – there’s always going to be something about staring into the next 12 months and wishing for change. And a job, the place or mentality you spend most of your week working in, is always going to be a good place to start. For many thinking that changing jobs in the months prior to January is almost impossible, we encourage you to reconsider. Candidates who job swap in November/December benefit from numerous job opportunities available to them but with fewer competitors in the running. Meaning that you have a higher chance of succeeding and often a shorter waiting period if you beat the new job rush that happens post new year’s holiday every year.

If you’re unsure about where you want to be career-wise in the new year, then also looking before January will provide you with some idea of the scope of roles out there. That means even if you don’t want to actively look now, you’ll have started the groundwork in deciding what you want to do next, and a recruiter can keep you back of mind in case the right opportunity for you becomes available. So, if you want to start 2023 in the right way, we encourage you to start thinking about it now and beat the rush for new jobs in the new year. For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at hello@tdm-recruitment.com or check out our latest jobs.