This is what you’ve been waiting for – our 2024 salary guide is out now!

But this year, with a twist. To help us provide more data that goes beyond the bottom line, we conducted a salary survey for property and housebuilding professionals regarding benefits, moving jobs, and of course salaries.

Over 33% of our salary survey respondents stated that they are considering a job move this year. This is big news seeing as many of you will note how the market wasn’t the easiest last year with candidates cautiously staying put and clients waiting on external decisions before advertising roles. Thankfully, roles and candidates are steamrolling back into play with a notable increase in higher-level placements.

As for the housebuilding industry, it’s battling on despite the overshadowing of the upcoming UK election. However, ever resilient, we are currently working in a thriving market with the volume of roles on our desk being evidence of this.

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