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In 2024, equitable benefits are more than just perks on paper.

Equity in the workplace involves creating an environment where everyone feels valued and able to reach their full potential, and benefits play a vital role in making sure this happens. Building an equitable workplace requires investing in employees, which in turn can lead to increased employee engagement and retention. Employees who feel like they belong to a company are 3.5 times more likely to contribute to their fullest potential.

That’s why, for this thought leadership report, we invited wellbeing experts Bex Spiller, founder of The Anti-Burnout Club, and Jack Green, Double GB Olympian, World Champion Coach and Keynote Speaker along with employee experts and leaders in the housebuilding and property sector, Claudia​​​​ Desai, Chief People Officer at LifeStory and Catrinel Stanila, HR Director, at Orbit Homes.

With this report, we hope to invoke a better understanding of equitable benefits focusing on how they play a key part in positively increasing employee engagement and wellbeing. And with so many benefits to choose from we also invite you to view our comprehensive catalogue of the current popular A-Z UK benefits on offer. From drop-in puppy cuddle classes to free healthcare to sabbaticals, check out our free guide to see the latest trends in benefits and perks in the workplace.

We hope you found this report useful and if you haven’t already done so encourage you to view our past thought leadership reports. Alternatively if you have feedback regarding the report or would like to discuss potential collaborations for future reports, please email