thinking differently: how inclusion starts with recruitment report

The hiring process for all companies is the first step in ensuring their candidates and then hires are provided with equal and inclusive opportunities.  As a leading property recruitment company, we have a responsibility to ensure our candidates and clients are selected on their merits and that each individual is given the resources and support they need to showcase their talent successfully. 

That’s why, for our first thought leadership report, we wanted to discuss the positive ways in which we can change both the recruitment and property industry. To help provide further insights, we spoke with leading UK Charities Mindthe ADHD Foundation and Scope to learn more about the visible and invisible barriers candidates have to overcome to find work in the UK. From the benefits of hiring someone with a neurodivergent brain to clarifying the inaccurate misconceptions around hiring those with mental health problems, this report is jam packed with the many (easy) ways in which companies, Hiring Managers and indeed Recruiters can remove obstacles from the pathways of often overlooked, talent individuals.

Readers will also be able to find out more about the positive reforms our clients, and housebuilding giants Bellway and Vistry Group, are actively making, including the importance of wellbeing programmes and unconscious bias training. 

If you’re a client or candidate wishing to discuss next steps around your hiring process or recruitment journey further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a chat at Alternatively if you have feedback regarding the report or would like to discuss potential collaborations for future reports, please email