Working with tdm means you’ll have access to the best talent; the people who will make a real difference to your vision and success.

We’re straight talking, results-driven and want to work with people who share the same values as us. Not everyone likes us and that’s okay. We won’t wine and dine you, we don’t overcharge and we won’t keep you waiting two months for a candidate shortlist. If you just want to partner with a property recruitment agency that will simplify your hiring process, we’re for you.

We work with over 250 residential and commercial property businesses, including several in the FTSE 100. You’ll be looked after by a dedicated industry expert who understands your sector and knows exactly what to look for.

What is retained search?

To put it simply (as we like to do here), retained search is a proactive recruiting process that uses headhunting as the primary method. Working closely with the clients, our job is to help you create a desirable job specification, advise you on the current recruitment landscape within your sector and efficiently shortlist the best and most qualified candidates for interview, resulting in a successful hire. Unlike contingent fees, a retained search means clients pay up-front for the bespoke service and there are several benefits for doing it this way.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should consider investing in a retained search:

  • the BEST, not the quickest hire

Unlike contingency fee placements, we have time to utilise all our skills to find you the most suitable candidate, rather than the candidate who is almost suitable.

  • higher priority level

The nature of a retained search means we’re naturally going to prioritise it over competitive, commission-based hires.

  • access to our network

This means being privy to private information, such as candidates who are not publicly on the lookout to move jobs but would if tdm offered them the right one. And, with close to two decades worth of experience, you can imagine our network of candidates and rapport means we are already well placed to know the best people within your sector.

  • continual feedback & updates

To make sure time is being spent wisely, we will continually keep you in the loop of how the search is progressing and check in that nothing has changed in regards to your requirements or any other last-minute changes.

  • quality over quantity

Regardless of how we do the job, we’re never going to waste your time or ours by putting together a considerable list of candidates that don’t exactly fit your requirements. You can always rely on us to provide quality candidates that lead to a well-matched placement.

We also happen to be genuine, honest (unapologetically so), and no-nonsense recruiters who are out to openly make the best matches for our clients and candidates. We won’t wine and dine you; we won’t overcharge you, and we won’t keep you waiting two months for a candidate shortlist. Instead, we promise to listen to your brief, punctually present you with a shortlist of excellent candidates and ensure a smooth transition into the new role for yourself and your new hire.

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