The clock may be ticking for the outdated tactic of rewarding an employee with a Rolex watch. As we hear more from graduates and young professionals, it’s becoming clear that new hires are looking for companies that align with their values over corporate gifts. People want the gift of time, just not in the way we used to think…

While Rolex watches will always be synonymous with luxury, it seems that graduates and professionals newly entering the workforce want to know more about company values and benefits such as flexibility, growth, and employee care. With the rise of wellbeing initiatives and environmentally friendly goals, new hires we speak to are refusing to be wowed by shiny merchandise and instead want to know why that money isn’t instead being recycled back into the business to offer more holistic benefits to all.

We know from our experience as recruiters that employees are looking for a market-fair salary with the chance to earn more over time or through bonuses and commission structures. We also know that proximity to work and flexibility with hours are both a close second and third on their list of priorities. And while we’re sure the majority of us wouldn’t turn down a free Rolex, it seems the days of offering them as leverage to entice a new employee or keep the loyalty of an existing team member are long gone.

Instead, wow your employees with benefits they can tap into all year round such as gym passes, health insurance, extra annual leave days and so much more. We guarantee that a happy team who shares in everyone’s success will help you sell a role better than a Rolex ever could.