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There are quite a few reasons why you should work with us but because we like to keep things simple, we’ve whittled it down to three:

Firstly, you’ll have access to our extensive and specialised database of verified candidates looking to work with clients across the property sector. Most of our candidates aren’t actively looking for roles or registered with other recruitment agencies but stay on our database due to long-standing relationships we’ve built with them over the years. For our clients, all that means is that we can present you with a selection of great talent quickly.

Secondly, you’ll save yourself time and energy looking for that elusive, perfect candidate as we’ll do all the hard work for you. We’re also adept at hiring for senior and commercially sensitive roles and as such are able to provide a discreet retained search function. Our clients have found our approach to be faster and of a higher quality compared to advertising-led contingency recruiters.

Thirdly, you’ll be in safe hands with our team of specialised recruiter experts whose niche industry knowledge will help ensure a speedy and successful career match.

We also happen to be genuine, honest (unapologetically so), no-nonsense recruiters who are out to openly make the best matches for our clients and candidates. We won’t wine and dine you; we won’t overcharge you, and we won’t keep you waiting two months for a candidate shortlist. Instead, we promise to listen to your brief, punctually present you with a shortlist of excellent candidates and ensure a smooth transition into the new role for yourself and the candidate.

And we must be doing something right because we now (proudly) work with over 250 residential and commercial property businesses, including several FTSE 100s.

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