cv templates

According to recent statistics, the average UK employee will hold 12 different jobs in their career span. For many of us, the days of joining a company after University/School and staying until we retire is long gone, and so to should be the attitudes around how we view ourselves on paper.

Your CV should be a representation of you and that can’t be distilled by simply recording your education and employment history. As LinkedIn has done this year, we encourage you to put more of you in your CV and celebrate things like employment breaks where perhaps you took time out to learn a new skill, start a family or see the world. Often, when we speak to candidates they tell us about a side-hustle, board, or external activity or interest they have outside of their ‘day-to-day’ work, and we say why aren’t you telling potential employees about this?!

We’re also advocates for recognising that a paper CV is not always the best way to showcase a skillset. In this digital world, why not think about submitting a video CV instead.

Whichever you decide to do, we’re here to help you find that next role. We’ve also put together three CV templates to help you showcase the best version of you.

CV template 1

CV template 2

CV template 3