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Sophie - New Homes Sales Negotiator

New Homes Sales Negotiator
St. Albans, Hertfordshire
24 yrs

Sophie knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.

She knows how to get what she wants by having a solid strategy in place. She never fails to gets results and will take chances to seal a deal. She likes to be appreciated for her accomplishments and will never turn down a compliment - but she’s not easily swayed by charm.

I can sell houses in my sleep but I don’t need sleep to sell houses. The adrenaline I get from making a sale causes a domino effect - one property shifted leads to another, and another… Sophie.

Sophie works hard so she can play hard. Louis Vuitton doesn’t grow on trees. Neither does champagne.

Sharp presentation is an integral part of her occupation - look good, feel good, sell good.

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