Most people will have heard of Blenheim Palace, the 300-year-old estate situated in Woodstock that was the birthplace of UK Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.  Home to the Spencer-Churchill family, the estate is the only non-royal dwelling in the UK to be permitted to be called a palace. Today, the palace remains home to the Dukes of Marlborough (the Spencer-Churchill family), and rent for the land (which is owned by the Queen) remains the tradition of flying the French royal flag on the anniversary of the Battle of Blenheim (pretty good rate if you ask us).

What you might not know is that Blenheim Estate acquired Pye Homes in 2018 and together their exciting partnership model is delivering award-winning communities and homes. Building communities that are focused on the wellbeing of the community and planet is their focus, and in 2023 Blenheim Estate and Pye Homes will see the largest rural Passivehaus standard development start as well as continued work and development on 5 other individual and authentic developments.

Current work opportunities: