No one likes change. As humans, we seek comfort in the familiar; we like routine, habit and the security and safety these very things bring. 

Prior to joining TDM, I had never considered recruitment as an option and really, had no idea how the dark-art worked. My MD, Tom Morris, said in our very first meeting ‘most people don’t intend to seek recruitment as a career, rather, recruitment finds you’ and for me, nothing could ring truer.

After university, my working life began in publishing, moving onto the energy sector and followed by a stint working for HNWIs. After 7 years living and working in the big smoke, the decision to leave East London and seek a quieter life in Kent had been made.  Relocating to the countryside brought two main concerns: 1) do they have coconut flat whites out there and 2) do I really want to become a disgruntled commuter?

Fortunately, overpriced hipster coffee outlets are on the rise in the home counties, so my first worry never materialised. As for my second concern, 6 months of 5am starts and walking through the front door at 9pm most nights was the catalyst for change. So much time and money wasted on ever rising train fares and slow burning hours in a rattling tin can with other pissed-off, suit-clad comrades. Enough was enough and I decided to hand in my notice, tear up my train ticket and put London to rest.

Panic mode set in and I began to question myself – what have I done? There are half as many jobs in Kent (let alone any Pret A Managers – where do these people lunch?!) and nothing that will suit me, surely? It was a call out the blue from an enthusiastic recruiter who informed me of a role local to me with a construction search firm looking to expand and would I consider going for a chat?

I had a few other options on the table in more familiar roles, but it was my gut telling me to go for the unknown. The move to TDM gave me the chance to learn a new trade and apply the skills honed from other roles to an exciting and diverse role at a time of transition for the business. Plus, making London money in an office closer to home meant I wouldn’t have to make sacrifices in my lifestyle and most importantly, gave me those hours wasted on the train back!

Upon accepting the role, I was put through an accelerated trainee programme and quickly started billing and graduated to consultant level. Now, after a series of promotions, I am now Associate Director. We don’t promote based on length of service, age or any other discriminatory factor, it’s a meritocracy and performance will be aptly rewarded.

At TDM you are the master of your own destiny and you can chose the career that suits you. There is a place for everyone, from super star billers to fantastic people managers. I joined the business on the proviso I would be given the opportunity to carve the professional path I wanted and to have fantastic financial reward for my successes.

After 2 and half years in the wild world of recruitment, I can attest to the unknown being a gamble that has more than paid off. Sometimes a change can and will do you good.