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TDM salary guide

Our salary quick reference guide is purpose built for those working in the residential property and construction industry in London and surrounding Home Counties. The guide covers roles from cradle to grave, TDM are able to provide salary guidance. 

We have a database of over 20,000 contacts who work within the residential property industry. Our consultants are in regular contact with many of these, allowing us to connect clients and candidates quickly and efficiently. This, combined with the extensive knowledge of the consultants at TDM means we have a vault of knowledge within the company, and we want to share this with those working in the residential property sector. 

One of the most commonly asked question from both clients and candidates is about salary bands. Whether it be what candidates should be receiving in salary or what clients should be paying their executives, employees, contractors and temporary staff. Unlike the many salary surveys out there this guide is designed to be used as by yourselves as a point of reference, something that can sit on your desk and be used day to day, specific to the residential property and construction market. 

As with most industries, the salary someone is paid can vary depending on aspects such as experience, skills, employer and many other factors. Taking this in to consideration we have split our results into the lowest, highest and average salaries we see being paid for specific job titles. The average has been based on the number of placements made around this given figure along with the input of expertise from the expert consultant that deals with these specific job titles day in, day out. 

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