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A Technical Manager can come from many different backgrounds including architectural, engineering or on site management. The majority tend to be Architectural Technicians or Technologists or Architects and will tend to coordinate all internal and external specialist contractors such as Architects, Engineers and Mechanical and Electrical Engineers making sure that design intent is met and all building services are correctly incorporated on time and within budget. They will check all drawings from external consultants for accuracy, correctness and suitability and make sure that suitable corrections are made. A Technical Manager will also attend site visits and design meetings often working closely with both internal and external consultants.

Normally reporting to a Senior Technical Manager or Technical Director, they will be the next step up from a Technical Coordinator or Senior Technical Coordinator and oversee a team of Technical Coordinators.

Example Responsibilities for a technical manager, include:

  • Managing the technical function and reporting on all technical, engineering and architectural aspects of the business
  • Reporting to the Technical Director or Senior Technical Manager
  • Support the technical team
  • Liaise with internal and external consultants throughout the development process
  • Onsite visits to the development
  • Ensure that everyone is adhering to the technical department procedures and practices
  • Technical Reports for land appraisal
  • Providing technical drawings as required to schedule

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