the great reshuffle isn’t going away soon – recruitment trend 2022

It’s not new information that the Great Resignation of 2021 has been replaced with the Great Reshuffle of 2022, with workers in their millions worldwide seeking new opportunities in either the same industry or by switching careers completely. This time around, however, instead of resigning workers are demanding that employers drastically change working conditions.

As we move further into 2022, it is clear that the Great Reshuffle is a testament to the power employees have as a collective. Across the globe, workers are affirming their desire for greater work-life balance. No longer is increasing the salary enticing enough to get an employee to stay.  Instead, workers are looking for companies that are transparent in their approach, who visibly appreciate their employees, and who offer a wide range of benefits from inclusive wellbeing policies to bonuses to healthcare.

As a property recruitment company, we hear daily the reasons why people are looking to leave their jobs and for the majority, it boils down to the below reasons:

  • looking for greater work flexibility (time/location)
  • wanting better pay
  • the management team
  • wanting better benefits – including work/life balance offered by the company
  • feeling burnt-out and/or unsupported
  • feeling overlooked or having reached a career ceiling

Whilst employees are driving the change to ensure their next jobs match their expectations – it appears some employers are slow to change their workplace policies or culture.

In Aviva’s 2021 How We Live Report’, over 60% of workers in the UK were recorded as actively considering a career switch as well as 87% of under 25-year-olds re-considering their career options. That’s more than half the UK workforce planning a mass exodus from their current employers! And, as recruiters, we’re already feeling the effect of these changes first-hand and it’s clear that it is no longer just salaries that are up for discussion but workplace benefits, policies and the demand for flexibility.

It used to be a common ‘fact’ that workers would have approximately 7 jobs throughout their lifetimes. Recent consensus has seen that number more than doubled with adults having approximately 12 job changes during their working life. The Great Reshuffle may not be going anywhere but understanding how both workers and employers are reacting to these global cultural changes is key in ensuring both parties are successfully matched.

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