top 5 values employees are looking for in 2023

As we welcome the new year, now is the perfect time to think about what we want the next 12 months to look like and the type of people we want on our team. The values a company decides to structure its operations by will provide employees with a good idea of how they will be treated in the business. With there being more options now than ever when it comes to picking jobs, businesses that haven’t spent time thinking about the values they operate by will miss out on talent. Gone are the days where candidates are swayed by solely ‘welcome gifts’, now it’s about how you’re going to support them, show up and provide a working environment that matches their values.

With the rise of social phenomenons like ‘Be Real’ set to make an even bigger splash in 2023, it’s no surprise that people are looking for authenticity. The value of being real and showing how authentic you are is going to be an important step in companies showcasing their identities to both current and potential employees. From the way employers interview them to how they’re treated in their first week to their 100th week, being authentic and consistent is crucial. Employees can test this out by seeing your social media, reading the literature on your website, speaking to former or current employees, reading reviews, and more importantly seeing how you treat your customers.

Last year, we saw a lot of hypocritical comments from businesses or nonsensical campaigns, think BMW changing to a pride logo except for their BMW Middle East page or Brewdog being anti-Euros while showing football in all of their establishments. This year, this flip-flopping won’t fly. Employees want to be part of a company that knows its values, sticks by its opinions and doesn’t sell out. They want to know its people AND profit  – not profit at the cost of people.

Similar to integrity, employees want to see how their company accounts for their actions, particularly their mistakes. People want to know that the business they work for will be accountable for the messages they put out externally and internally and will want to see how they act when changes need to be made or ideals evolve.  Similar to the ethos behind authenticity, employees will feel safer with businesses that know who they are and are accountable for their output every step of the way.

The conversation around flexibility still isn’t over.  It’s 2023 – everyone would like to work with some flexibility.  Whether that means working from home, working in a coffee shop, catching up hours on the train, or taking hours off to ensure not missing out on a last-minute occasion, how, where and when we work is still up for grabs. Providing a workspace that makes employees feel comfortable enough that they can discuss the personalisation of their working day is going to be a big win. The idea of a flexible working culture also extends to being flexible in approach to understanding where others are coming from and being able to change minds.

AI is slowly taking over, 3D interactive billboards are on our high streets and Tik Tok is only getting bigger – this year is the year for creativity and out-the-box thinking.  Having fun, staying relevant, and having an opinion on matters that make sense for the business (no more greenwashing, please), 2023 is about showcasing the importance businesses place on creativity. Employees want to work somewhere fun and intelligent, with branding they can easily get behind, join in with and share with pride.

If you’re on the lookout for an exciting new role with a company that’s values matches your own – then take a look at our current jobs page as we work with loads of fantastic, value-driven organisations.