Interviews, whether you like them or not, are a necessary part of the recruitment process and a great way for both sides to get to know one another.  One way to help calm your nerves before the big day is to familiarise yourself with the most commonly asked interview questions and figure out how you’re going to answer them. We’ve listed below the top five most popular interview questions, alongside how we would answer:

1) Talk me through your resume
This isn’t a trick question, instead, it’s a great opportunity to really push to the forefront your career narrative and the achievements you are most proud of. Explain succinctly your career history to date and prioritise the skills you’ve gained in each role.

2) Why should we hire you?
Again, take the chance to list your strengths and attributes. Take them through how you would manage the first six months in the role and then how you see the role developing within the company. Hiring Managers want to see passion, confidence and be assured that you see yourself developing the role around your strengths.

3) Why are you looking to leave your current role?
Hiring Managers aren’t looking to get the gossip on your current company or team members. Instead, they are looking for reflective answers that showcase your career ambitions with answers varying from wanting to learn new skills to looking for a new challenge or even due to life decisions like moving cities. Just remember always make sure your answers are positive and are about you, not what others have done to you.

4) What are your career plans? 
Don’t think small  – think about what you want for yourself career-wise and how you think this role will fulfil your ambitions. Talk about the skillset you can bring to the role, the type of things you may be excited to learn about or be part of and then discuss how you’d take the role further or what level you’d like to be at in so many years. There’s nothing wrong with core ambition and being determined to push yourself – a supportive company will want to hear that about you.

5) What salary are you looking for?
Most people try to shy away from this question – our advice, don’t. If you’ve spent the interview telling them why you’re an asset, don’t undo your own hard work by shying away from an integral part of negotiations. Instead, re-instate why you’re a perfect fit for the role and confidently state the amount you feel you deserve. Our recruiters will also help provide you with market research on salaries in your role across the UK regions so you’ll feel confident stating your desired salary. Why not also take a look at our most recent salary guide here

We hope this helps! Before you go, take a look at our latest property roles here.