As Housing Secretary Michael Gove returns to cabinet and re-pledges the Government’s commitment to building 300,000 annually by the mid-2020s, many are left wondering if this pledge is still realistic or appropriate. Doubt was cast only earlier this year by ex-Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick who publicly announced the government would “miss their 300,000-homes-a-year manifesto pledge by a country mile”. So, why then, is Gove re-committing?

While Gove also counter-acted that the pledge would follow a new commitment to ensure the houses built were beautiful, built right, and built in the right place, many are wondering exactly what red tape is going to be cut to get this target even closely met.

Commenting on the recent development, tdm Managing Director Tom Morris said, “For this pledge to succeed, the government will need to change policies fast and create more streamlined processes for housebuilders and property developers to get moving. Whether those changes are able to be made by a government facing a general election and cautious of keeping local MPs and voters on their side will remain to be seen. What we do know, is that our clients are working tirelessly to deliver properties that benefit our communities and the recruitment for roles across the sector remains high. All ears will be waiting to hear what the government announces next.”

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