what to expect with property jobs quarter one this year (2023)

The last three years have not followed a singular pattern when it comes to predicting the housebuilding and property sector. That being said, we now know how resilient this industry is and that despite the challenges housebuilders have faced the outcome to deliver has never wavered. Unsurprisingly, the beliefs and setbacks that were clamored in the latter part of last year have seen an impact on new roles this quarter. Companies had no choice but to be cautious as to what may happen in the new year and many are stabilizing their footing after the difficulties of 2022.

As far as what to expect, we are seeing a steady volume of roles within land and planning, construction, technical and quantity surveying. This is great news as it showcases how the housebuilding industry has no plans of slowing down and will ultimately lead to an influx of marketing, sales, and customer care jobs further down the road.

While we expect companies to be cautious during the first couple of months of the year, we foresee a rapid pick-up of new roles released and rampant hiring for the rest of the year. As with other industries, we expect to see companies who are investing in their people whether that be flexible working arrangements, added benefits or simply aligned values will be the winners in securing top talent this year.

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